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I no longer update this blog, but you can catch me being a bit more active at the links above.


Pareidolia Images In My Toilet Floor

This set of images is based on pareidolia, "Pareidolia is a type of apophenia involving the finding of images or sounds in random stimuli."

That over with, these photos are of my toilet floor, The images I see in them are very vivid to me, but the people that I have shown these to come up with their own images.

The Maid

The Reader

The Hood

Shadow up in Flames

A face of some kind


Hang Man

Father Time

The barbarian


Eyeball Poping And Moving Video

This is pretty gross, so if your squeamish maybe not watch it. You've probably seen that lady who can pop her eyeballs out, well this is along the same lines, but for some reason it seem a little more extreme to me, very strange.


Extreme Fireworks Action in Mexico

I remember ages ago when I was at a fireworks display, one of them went sideways instead of going up like it was supposed to, cut my legs up bad, I was so pissed, but after watching what these fellas do for sits and giggles, I don't feel so angry.

Must be some kind of Mexican event. They light the fireworks, but instead of running away they just stand there waiting for the onslaught of fire and who ever may not be close enough, well they run up for a closer look.

The video is pretty long, but it does have some pretty extreme fireworks action and some injuries to.

Xtreme Fireworks


Transformers On The Prowl - Stop Motion Fun

This makes me want to break out my old Transformers toys, haven't seen them in 15 odd years, maybe we burnt them, hmm. I'm getting a little nostalgic with the new Transformers movie on the way, I hope it's good, judging from the trailers it looks very action packed and violent, hopefully it ain't wussified.

The video below shows some stop motion Transformer action, I think made with the old toys, I remember looking at some of the newer range of transformer toys a few years back and I thought to myself "that ain't no transformer". Do they still make Grimlock ones?

On The Prowl

Low Flying Fire-Fighting Plane While People Are Swimming

This looked pretty dangerous, looks like it is filling up on fire fighting juice. The plane comes pretty close to the people on the land and I think to close for the people swimming in the sea. I'm all for fighting wild fires, but for me that would have been a little to close, especially since I'm the type that likes to go out further than anyone else.

Canadair flying really really low

What the hell is cosplay?

Beats me, but it looks like fun. Every now and then I'll come across some Cosplay related stuff and it always amazes me how good some of the costumes are, especially these Transformers costumes in this video.

cosplay transformers

This next video shows what I think is one of the best imitations of Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, the hair do is bang on.

It's amazing how much effort these people put into their costumes, you can judge for self from the cosplay slide show below.

cosplay slideshow


Amazing Lions, crocodiles and Buffalo video

This video has been around for awhile and I've seen it all over the place, but I never thought about watching it until today, gotta say that is one amazing video and gives The Lion King a run for it's money in the emotional department.

The video shows A heard of buffalo, a pride of lions and a couple of crocs, the pride takes down a baby Buffalo in some near by water and some crocs have a go at it to.

What happens next? well your gonna have to watch it t see, chances are though you have probably already seen it.

Battle at Kruger