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I no longer update this blog, but you can catch me being a bit more active at the links above.


TWD vs THD Preview

Below is a preview for an animation I'm working, chock full of zombies, guns and action, the full video shouldn't be to far away, check it out and if you like it then please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel Creepy By Design.


Getting High Injecting Snake Venom - Video From Vice

Documentary about a guy named Steve Ludwin who has intentionally been injecting himself with snake venom for some 20 odd years. One of the reasons he gives for doing this is the anti aging benefits, he's 46 in these vids though he looks like he's in his late 20s, so maybe there's something to it, though he seems to have had his fare share of risky moments.

Got to love these Vice Videos.


Please Check Out My Art On Instagram

I'll be posting loads of my art work on my Instagram account, please check it out and if you like please feel free to follow meh.



Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Walking The Gauntlet

Boston Dynamics has a new video out showing a robot they call Atlas walking the gauntlet.

These guys creations just keep getting creepier and creepier.


Japanese MOD Spherical Flying Machine

Spherical flying machine developed by the Japanese Ministry of Defense. I can only hope that one day it gets turned into a toy.

Though it doesn't seem as easy to fly as the video above suggests, I don't care I'll practice that shit day in, day out.


Functional Miniature V-12 Engine Video

Me and a couple buddies were having a few beers and playing with remote control cars a few nights ago, thought it would be cool if they made remote control cars with V-8 engines, next minute we're watching the video of this amazing fully functional miniature V-12 engine.

Source: More mini mechanical creations on Youtube.


Boston Dynamics PETMAN Video

Boston Dynamics is in the business of robotics and they've created some of the coolest robots I've ever seen including the BigDog and LittleDog robots which I've posted about previously.

The above Boston Dynamics PETMAN Video shows an anthropomorphic robot that looks like something right out of a Terminator movie, apparently it's used to test special clothing used by military personal, surely that's not all they're using it for.

Sources:, Boston Dynamics on Youtube, Boston Dynamics Wiki.


Violent Results After Trash Is Thrown Into A Volcano

Falling into an active volcano is quite a frightening prospect, I've often wondered what would happen, would I remain on the crust? would I sink like a stone? would I be quick enough on my feet to run to safety? well I guess these questions are somewhat answered in the above video.

In the video we see the results of what happens when an estimated 30kg of organic trash is thrown into Erta Ale volcano, the results are amazing.

Sources:, Photovolcanica on Youtube.