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Walking With Dinosaurs, Costumes and Animatronics

Ever wondered what it would be like to really walk with dinosaurs? I was fascinated with them as a kid, I'd spend hours at a time trying to imagine the world of dinosaurs with complete clarity. The movie Jurassic Park signaled the end of that fascination for me as a kid, it just couldn't get any better.

Some 15 years later and the stage show Walking With Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular comes along and blows Jurassic Park out of the water. The costumes and animatronics are simply amazing, bringing us the closest we've ever been to really walking with dinosaurs... well apart from hanging with birds and crocodiles.

This first video fooled me, I actually thought I'd missed some world changing news or something, granted the link I clicked was misleading and the version I saw was rather blurry so I couldn't see old chicken legs there.

Baby-T at a School

Walking With Dinosaurs Workshop

Walking with Dinosaurs the Arena Spectacular | TV Commercial

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