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Jaculus Orientalis, Strange Little Creatures

I have never seen creatures like these before, err maybe except mice, but these look like kangaroos to, I find it strange after watching many a wild life documentary, I still come across animals I have never seen before. Not that strange, I forget a lot of stuff.

Here's the description that came with the video:

"The species is found in the deserts of north Africa and Arabia. It is a nocturnal rodent which may move considerable distances each night in search of food. Its diet includes roots, sprouts, seeds, grains and cultivated vegetables. Jaculus orientalis is a sociable species, often being found in small groups. The breeding season extends over 5-6 months, beginning in February. Gestation has been recorded at approximately 40 days with a mean litter size of three."

Probably have seen these creatures before, but because of the setting it doesn't get my brain clicking.


  1. Hi, I'm the author of that video. At this address ( ) you find the new working videos. Hope to see them online soon. See you.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, just changed the video over to one that was similar.


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